Yesterday my school went to a small museum that other students put up from other art schools.

And I saw this piece.

I didn’t think much of it at first….

But then I saw someone in the corner.


Just a small bit of my collection

Just a small bit of my collection



fhsdfsd <33333 dat monkey asssssss~



fhsdfsd <33333 dat monkey asssssss~

I seriously hate LiveJournal.

I once was a user over there. I have an account i’ve been using since 06 so it’s pretty old. Thou, I never posted anything over there. I usually browse around at people stores, browing some Doujinshi, reading fanfictions, rants and people’s life stories.

Some days ago I felt like I pretty much missed that and poped back into LJ to re-live those moments.

I was sooo wrong. LJ have change so much under one year I havent been on. Everything is set in Private, memberships is requied to read stuff.

But I could just become a member right?

No. Those shit toons of unneccesary rules, rules that you must be sooo goddamned active, post shit toons of journals, be active and spam comment people. THEN you MAYBE can join.

I seriously think all that is nothing but bullshit. These rules are at pretty much every Doujinshi related LJ I come across. I do understand that you people are scared that people will post your scanned Doujinshis all over the internet without crediting you.

But do you know something?

You’re scanning someones work theyre wanting to sell without any ok from the creator of it. So you’re pretty much “stealing” also :/

I do love Doujinshis and I get so happy seeing a Doujinshi i’ve wanted to read for such a long time. I wont lie, I love all scanned doujinshi. But the rules are just goddamned stupid as fuck.

Big Shizuo, Little Izaya [ENG]


End :D

Translated by ME. 

I got this from Shizaya25’s tumblr. and translated this myself.